Barry Piatt

Barry Piatt

Barry Piatt has had a front row seat for state and national government and politics for over 50 years, working first as a political reporter in Iowa, and later as a senior advisor for members of the U.S. House and Senate and candidates for U.S. president. His blog, Barry Piatt on Politics: -Behind the Curtain, is on Substack.

Iowa caucuses will be first test of GOP’s standards after Trump indictment

By: - June 14, 2023

The latest round of indictments against Donald Trump — 37 federal indictments, including 31 for violating the federal Espionage Act — has implications for the 2024 Iowa Republican Caucuses. They will now do a lot more than simply pick a winner in the first official contest as the party begins its presidential nominating process. They […]


Who says we can’t say ‘Merry Christmas?’

By: - December 25, 2022

You’ve seen the memes on social media and heard the loud complaints, usually coming from the same partisans. It even showed up on Saturday Night Live’s cold open this past weekend – the tired, old, and false claim that “they,” whoever “they” are, but the implication is always that it’s the “libs” and Democrats who are responsible for it […]