Bob Holladay

Bob Holladay

Bob Holladay moved to Tallahassee in October 2000, just in time for the Presidential election. He should have gotten the message. He graduated from Vanderbilt University, and FSU, and for 25 years was a journalist in Tennessee. These days, he normally writes about books. He has taught American History at Tallahassee Community College for 13 years. He is also president of the Tallahassee Historical Society.


Florida’s state education officials have made civic literacy a joke

By: - May 25, 2020

Andy Tuck, Marva Johnson, Ben Gibson, Tom Grady, Michael Olenick, Ryan Petty, and Joe York disgraced themselves two weeks ago.  And they disgraced the offices they hold. They are the members of Florida’s State Board of Education, appointed positions that do not really require any expertise in education, as they amply demonstrated on the morning […]