Danielle J. Brown

Danielle J. Brown

Danielle J. Brown is a 2018 graduate of Florida State University, majoring in English with a focus in editing, writing, and media. While at FSU, she served as an editorial intern for International Program’s annual magazine, Nomadic Noles. Last fall, she fulfilled another editorial internship with Rowland Publishing, where she wrote for the Tallahassee Magazine, Emerald Coast Magazine, and 850 Business Magazine. She was born and raised in Tallahassee and reviews community theater productions for the Tallahassee Democrat. She spends her downtime traveling to all corners of Florida and beyond to practice lindy hop.

Will more school districts impose mask mandates following Leon court ruling on mask policies?

By: - August 27, 2021

A Friday court ruling vindicated the mask policies of 10 Florida school districts that have mandated masks in schools without parental opt-outs, despite state agencies forbidding them from doing so. Now, the court ruling, in a verbal format, could lead to other districts adopting similar policies because the court determined that these kinds of mask […]

Not all mask mandates are equal: 10 Florida school districts have varied approaches

By: - August 26, 2021

In a statewide conflict over school mask policies, 10 school districts are defying state orders by mandating masks for students. But not every district has the same mandates. Not all students in a district need to mask. And some grades have different rules when it comes to masking. Overall, the mask environment in Florida’s public […]


Statewide teacher union uses data, news reports to chronicle school-related COVID deaths and more

By: - August 25, 2021

As the second school year of COVID-19 continues, Florida’s statewide teacher union is chronicling  deaths, classroom closures, the number of students and staff testing positive and other data that provides a grim yet still incomplete look at how the pandemic is impacting schools. The Florida Education Association has updated its  “Safe Schools Report” for the […]

Tampa mask mandate protest

More families look to leave their current public schools due to ‘COVID harassment’; 10 districts now use strict mask mandates

By: - August 25, 2021

Almost 70 Florida families are looking to leave their current public schools over “COVID harassment,” a new way to allow students to go elsewhere with taxpayer funded scholarships. Families can send their kids to private schools or other public schools, part of a scholarship originally intended to help victims of bullying, hazing, and other cruel […]

Will FL families rush to vaccinate children below 12 against COVID? Or will they be hesitant?

By: and - August 25, 2021

With federal health officials thinking about a new age span for vaccinations — shots to kids below age 12  — families are now confronting questions about whether vaccines would be safe and necessary for elementary-level students. Kids in PreK and elementary schools would have to rely on their parents for consent to get the shots […]

In the mask debate, docking pay for school board members hurt women politicians most

By: - August 24, 2021

The fight over who controls schools during the COVID-19 pandemic could result in docking the pay of constitutionally elected officials on local school boards — most of whom are women. All nine members of the Broward County School Board, for example, are female — and eight of the nine voted recently to mandate masks at […]

Sarasota becomes 6th FL school district to defy DeSantis’ ban on mask mandates

By: and - August 21, 2021

As three Florida schools and scores of classrooms around the state were shut down by COVID last week, a sixth school district imposed a mask mandate against vitriolic opposition from parents and the prospect of sanctions from the governor and state education officials. The Florida Education Association COVID tracker said that, as of Saturday, 21 […]

‘Simply unacceptable’: State cutting funds from school districts with mask mandates

By: - August 20, 2021

The Florida Board of Education will withhold money equal to the salaries of local school board members from districts in Alachua and Broward counties over their tough mask mandates for students, which state officials say violate Florida law. “We cannot have government officials pick and choose what laws they want to follow,” Education Commissioner Richard […]

School districts’ masks rebellion continues to spread, despite state’s threats

By: - August 19, 2021

Defiance of Gov. Ron DeSantis policy on masks for school children has now spread to five school districts, including some of Florida’s largest, as the state experiences a surge in COVID-19 cases. Nearing midnight Wednesday evening, the Palm Beach County school board voted, 6-1, to require masks for all students except those with documented medical […]

Hillsborough and Dade join rebellion, defying DeSantis’ masks-in-school order

By: and - August 18, 2021

Amid skyrocketing Delta-driven COVID-19 infections, two of Florida’s largest school districts on Wednesday joined with two other districts in defying a state executive order and imposing mask mandates in public schools without a parental opt-out. The Miami-Dade school board voted, 7-1, for a temporary mask mandate for students, faculty and all visitors, allowing students to […]

FL Dept of Ed late on sending plan for COVID recovery; $2.3B stuck with feds

By: - August 18, 2021

The Florida Department of Education is more than three months late in submitting a state plan to the U.S. Department of Education that would release more than $2.3 billion dollars in COVID-19 relief funds intended for Florida schools. The omission leaves billions off the table that could be used to alleviate the pandemic’s damage to […]

State floats removal of school board members who require kids to wear masks

By: - August 17, 2021

The State Board of Education floated the possibility Tuesday of removing local school district officers who vote to impose mask mandates on their students, on the ground that doing so breaks Florida law. The board invited Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran to investigate the matter and take all legal steps to enforce these laws, including the […]