Diane Rado

Diane Rado

Diane Rado has covered state and local government and public schools in six states over some 30 years, focusing on policy and investigative stories as well as legislative and political reporting. She spent most of her career at the St. Petersburg (Tampa Bay) Times and the Chicago Tribune. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and did a fellowship in education reform at the University of Michigan in 1999-2000. She is married to a journalist and has three adult children.

Pulse Nightclub

49 innocent lives: Pulse Remembrance Day in Florida

By: - June 12, 2021

Flags are at half-staff Saturday, from sunrise to sunset, commemorating the 49 lives lost and 53 wounded from the mass shooting at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub on June 12, 2016. A proclamation from Gov. Ron DeSantis asked residents this morning to pause for a moment of silence. “The state of Florida will not tolerate hatred towards […]

FL has cut back on COVID data to the public, but you can still get daily info from the feds

By: - June 9, 2021

Last week, the Florida Department of Health decided to cut back on the detailed, daily counts of COVID-19 infections and deaths, instead reporting weekly data to the public though COVID continues despite vaccinations and a slowdown of cases. But if you want to see data on a daily basis, you can go on the federal […]

In the early days of COVID, FL health officials reported cases twice daily; now it’s a weekly report

By: - June 7, 2021

When COVID-19 cases were made public in March 2020, the Florida Health Department quickly began reporting cases of infections and deaths. By mid-April 2020, the agency began updating COVID data twice daily, in order to “keep Florida residents and visitors safe, informed and aware about the status of the virus,” according to a news release […]

Biden budget proposals for the nation include 2 years of free PreK and community college

By: - June 4, 2021

With all the hoopla this week surrounding the signing of Florida’s state budget of 2021-22, don’t forget about the massive federal budget proposals that Congress will consider for Americans across the nation. Similar to Gov. Ron DeSantis sending initial budget proposals to the Florida Legislature earlier this year, President Joe Biden last week sent his […]

Florida and federal government at impasse over fate of cruise industry and vaccines

By: - June 3, 2021

Gov. Ron DeSantis acknowledged Thursday that the state of Florida is at an impasse with the federal government over the fate of the cruise ship industry and vaccines for travelers. Florida’s lawsuit had been in mediation last month and into early June, and lawyers were engaged in settlement talks, according to court records. The discussions […]

President Biden proclaims a day of remembrance 100 years after 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre

By: - May 31, 2021

President Joe Biden on Monday called upon Americans to commemorate the tremendous loss of life and security connected to the terrifying 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre “and commit together to eradicate systemic racism and help to rebuild communities and lives that have been destroyed by it.” The Tulsa proclamation came on the same day as Memorial […]

Memorial Day: A tribute to those who gave their lives serving our country

By: - May 31, 2021

Gov. Ron DeSantis has asked all Florida residents to pause for a moment of silence at 3 p.m. Monday, in honor of Memorial Day. He’s also directed all national and state flags to be lowered to half-staff from sunrise to noon on Monday, “in memory of the fallen heroes of our Armed Forces,” according to […]

3 counties became the COVID-19 epicenter in FL; now they represent nearly 900,000 infections

By: - May 28, 2021

Florida is seeing a slowdown of COVID-19 infections, millions of residents are getting vaccinations and people are shedding masks — but the breadth of the pandemic remains startling. With the month of May coming to an end, the Florida Department of Health on Friday reported 2,320,818 COVID infections and 36,774 deaths of residents. The three […]

FL is still below national averages for residents fully vaccinated, plus people getting just one of the vaccine shots

By: - May 26, 2021

With the month of May almost over, 37.8 percent of Florida residents have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, slightly lower than the national average of 39.5 percent, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That means residents have gotten both shots — Pfizer or Moderna — and the one-dose Johnson […]


Scout’s honor may not be enough to make sure new COVID mask guidance will work

By: - May 17, 2021

I walked into a Tallahassee Publix this weekend while hurrying to put on a face mask. Then I remembered that maybe I didn’t need to put on a mask – though COVID-19 is still infecting and killing people — following new CDC guidance on ditching masks in many circumstances if people are fully vaccinated. The […]

FL lags behind many Northern states when it comes to fully vaccinating residents

By: - May 14, 2021

When the CDC announced this week that Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19 do not need to wear masks in most situations, indoors and outdoors, there was a catch: Most residents still aren’t fully vaccinated. And Florida lags behind many Northern states in getting shots in arms, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control […]

President Biden picks Yale lawyer, civil rights educator for a top federal education role

By: - May 13, 2021

President Joe Biden intends to nominate Catherine Lhamon for assistant secretary for civil rights at the U.S. Department of Education, according to a White House announcement on Thursday. Lhamon has been in the position before, when President Barack Obama nominated her and the Senate confirmed her in 2013, according to a bio from a White House […]