Climate Change

Biden’s oil and gas policy falls short on climate goals, House Democrats say

BY: - December 3, 2021

Democrats on the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee on Thursday encouraged President Joe Biden to take stronger action to limit oil and gas production, while Republicans said reducing domestic production would only increase global emissions from overseas suppliers. In a hearing last week after the U.S. Interior Department released a report that called for fiscal updates to […]

Talk about preemption: FL Leg could let businesses ride herd on local governments

BY: - December 1, 2021

The Republicans who dominate the Florida Legislature may soon empower business owners to sue cities and counties for passing ordinances that cause them financial losses. During a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, Republican Travis Hutson pitched his proposal as a form of preemption — that is, a way to overrule local ordinances […]

Interior Department calls for oil and gas leasing updates, but not ending production

BY: - November 28, 2021

The U.S. Interior Department recommended increased fees for oil and gas exploration on federal lands as part of a long-awaited report that environmental groups said doesn’t go far enough in limiting fossil fuels and Republicans derided as an attack on domestic producers. The report, ordered by President Joe Biden during his first week in office, […]

Paid leave, tax cut for the rich, and more could get axed from social policy bill

BY: and - November 23, 2021

WASHINGTON — Congressional Democrats cheered on the floor of the U.S. House after approving President Joe Biden’s massive social spending and climate bill. But a major struggle lies ahead in the coming month in the U.S. Senate, where Democrats cannot lose any votes within their party if they are to send the so-called Build Back Better […]

DeSantis hires chief resilience officer, three additional department leaders

BY: - November 19, 2021

For the first time in one year and nine months, Florida will have a full-time chief resilience officer, responsible for the state’s response to rising sea levels and other consequences of climate change. Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday announced that he has selected Wesley Brooks for the role, along with new leaders for the departments […]

U.S. Senators urge increased production of fossil fuels in reaction to spiraling energy costs

BY: - November 17, 2021

Days after global leaders agreed for the first time to decrease coal usage and subsidies for fossil fuels, U.S. senators battled over rising gasoline prices and urged action on the high cost of energy—including by increasing production of coal, oil and gas. The Tuesday hearing, led by Senate Energy and Natural Resources Chairman Joe Manchin […]

Louisiana’s Mitch Landrieu tapped by Biden to oversee infrastructure law

BY: - November 15, 2021

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden on Monday named former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu to serve as a senior adviser tasked with implementing the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package. The president is scheduled to sign the infrastructure bill late Monday, and Landrieu will attend. “Our work will require strong partnerships across the government and with state […]

Climate change: Women and families in poor countries most feel the brunt

BY: - November 12, 2021

The two-week climate conference in Glasgow, concluding today, shone a spotlight on the harm climate change inflicts on women and families in the world’s most vulnerable countries. Women, who often hold lead roles in providing food and health care for their families, are on the front lines, according to advocates participating in panel discussions during […]


Florida could cash in on President Biden’s infrastructure bill — if we had a plan

BY: - November 11, 2021

Are you having trouble getting to sleep after this weekend’s time change? Some people do. Switching from Daylight Saving Time to Back On The Regular Time can be a tough thing for your body to handle. Fortunately, I have a special word that is guaranteed to make your eyelids flutter and close. Want to hear […]

U.S. Reps in Glasgow aim to bolster climate-rescue efforts at global conference

BY: - November 10, 2021

A delegation of Congressional Democrats including Florida Rep. Kathy Castor told conferees Wednesday at the global climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, that the United States is not just talking, it is acting to reduce pollution, gird against vulnerabilities such as extreme storms, heat and flooding and demonstrate how major polluters can change. “America is back […]

White House touts clean energy, transit, rail projects in sprawling infrastructure bill

BY: and - November 10, 2021

WASHINGTON—Federal officials on Tuesday offered details about how money from the recently passed bipartisan infrastructure bill would be spent, emphasizing the pending law’s potential to add clean energy capacity. Department of Transportation officials highlighted the $1.2 trillion bill’s record funding for public transit like buses and subways, as well as for Amtrak. They framed the […]

Obama at world climate conference: We are falling short

BY: - November 8, 2021

Returning to the world stage on climate change, former President Barack Obama on Monday told world leaders and young people gathered in Glasgow, Scotland, that time is running out to prevent life-threatening degradation of the planet’s climate, and he called on the world’s young people to demand better. “Collectively and individually, we are still falling […]