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FL gambling interests want FL Supreme Court to stop sports betting pact

BY: - September 26, 2023

Florida companies with gambling interests are calling on the Florida Supreme Court to issue a “writ of quo warranto,” saying Gov. Ron DeSantis and top legislative leaders exceeded their powers in granting the Seminole Tribe of Florida the exclusive rights to offer off-reservation online and-in person sports betting in Florida in 2021. Now, those gaming […]

House Democratic Leader Driskell laments the state’s restrictive higher ed policies

BY: - June 28, 2023

On the crippling higher education front in Florida, House Democratic Leader Fentrice Driskell said this week that even when Gov. Ron DeSantis leaves office in 2026, “you’re going to feel the impact of his policies for years to come.” The remarks came at a town hall meeting Tuesday evening at a library in north Hillsborough […]

Day 4 of trial testimony: University teacher feels that recording lectures is ‘creepy,’ ‘invasive’

BY: - January 12, 2023

An associate lecturer from the University of Central Florida criticized a Florida law that allows students to record lectures without permission of the instructor, saying that it makes him feel he’s a “criminal under suspicion.” Barry Edwards, a plaintiff in a federal legal challenge of a law that includes the controversial classroom recording provision, among […]

Day 2 of federal lawsuit: Recording lectures in a higher ed class could get adversarial

BY: - January 10, 2023

An English professor from Pennsylvania State University took the stand Tuesday in federal court, arguing that students recording a professor’s lesson without the instructor’s consent threatens academic freedom in higher education. Michael Bérubé, the professor on the stand, pointed to the part of Florida law which says that a recording can be used “in connection […]

FL Supreme Court to help interpret DeSantis’ 2021 anti-riot law

BY: - January 10, 2023

A federal appeals court has punted the future of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ anti-“riot” law to the Florida Supreme Court, asking the justices in Tallahassee what the law might mean by the sort of “public disturbance” that could merit criminal penalties. A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta […]

Voting rights groups seek ’emergency actions’ to ensure voting access in Ian zone

BY: - October 12, 2022

Noting that the destruction from Hurricane Ian has disrupted the normal election administration in several southwest counties, a coalition of voting and civil rights groups have asked Florida election officials take “emergency actions to ensure access for all Floridians.” Election Day is just 27 days away, and the deadline to register for the Nov. 8 […]

FL, Tampa Bay officials warn of significant storm potential as evacuations begin and some schools close

BY: and - September 26, 2022

The National Hurricane Center on Monday placed Tampa Bay under a hurricane watch and a storm surge watch while state and county officials and Gov. Ron DeSantis assess the path of Ian and prepare for evacuations and likely more school closings. Hillsborough County officials said this morning that they expect to have to evacuate over […]

U.S. trial judge nixes Florida caps on donations for citizen initiatives

BY: - June 16, 2022

A federal judge in North Florida Wednesday struck down two Republican-backed laws that critics said would unfairly limit the rights of citizens to amend the state’s Constitution. Adopted in 2021, Senate Bill 1890 would have capped at $3,000 individual donations to political action committees that support or oppose proposed constitutional amendments. The American Civil Liberties […]

Federal appeals court hobbles DeSantis’ attack on social media companies; cites First Amendment

BY: - May 23, 2022

Gov. Ron DeSantis was certain in his faith that a federal appeals court would side with him on his attempt to punish social media companies that he accuses of censoring conservative voices. On Monday that court — the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit — let him down. It decided against him on […]

Gov. DeSantis: FL pension board pressured Twitter to OK Elon Musk’s purchase offer

BY: - April 25, 2022

Gov. Ron DeSantis has praised Elon Musk’s $44 billion takeover of Twitter Inc., OK’d Monday by the company’s board subject to shareholder approval, as a “blow for free speech.” The governor, who has targeted social media companies in the past for alleged discrimination against conservative voices, said during a news conference Monday that the state […]

Who influenced divisive FL college survey on political leanings? Many questions still unanswered

BY: - April 8, 2022

Last summer, the state university system made a deal with Florida State University for up to $75,000 to develop an objective, nonpartisan, and statistically valid college survey — a project pursued by GOP lawmakers who felt the state’s campuses were too liberal leaning. Since then, not much is known about the survey that would go […]

Trial lawyers defend U.S. judge against attacks by DeSantis, legislative leaders

BY: - April 7, 2022

It’s tempting to shrug one’s shoulders when politicians blast away at judges who rule against them — as when Gov. Ron DeSantis and legislative Republican leaders unloaded at U.S. District Judge Mark Walker after he struck down key portions of last year’s voter suppression law. In fact, such attacks are dangerous, undermining faith in the […]