‘Heartbeat bill is the most likely legislation’ that could be pushed by GOP in 2023

BY: - January 31, 2023

Amid court challenges to Florida’s 15-week abortion ban, the leader of a statewide policy council who’s against the medical procedure believes GOP lawmakers could push for a more restrictive ban — at around six weeks — during the Legislature’s spring session. Democrats fear that such a restriction — connected to a so-called “fetal heartbeat” bill […]

Reining in drug-market middlemen’s ‘rebate’ payments might be complicated

BY: - January 25, 2023

Work has begun on one of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ priorities for the regular legislative session, due to open in March: constraining pharmacy benefits management companies that control the flow of prescription drugs to individual patients. A 90-minute hearing by a House committee demonstrated that the job will be a tricky one, given interlocking ownership and […]

Medicaid coverage could end soon for vulnerable Floridians, but state doesn’t want to ‘incite panic’

BY: - January 23, 2023

With Florida preparing to take another look at eligibility for Medicaid recipients amid the COVID-19 pandemic, state agency leaders on Monday pointed to an expected decrease in enrollment in the health care program for many low-income families and children. That’s because what’s called the “continuous Medicaid coverage” requirement is scheduled to end on March 31. […]

Federal judge could decide as soon as February to yank abortion pill nationwide

BY: - January 23, 2023

WASHINGTON — A Texas judge could decide as soon as next month whether to force the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to pull its two-decade-old approval of the abortion pill, which accounts for more than half of pregnancy terminations in the United States. A nationwide injunction in the case, as requested by anti-abortion groups, would […]

Prior to VP Harris’ remarks in Tallahassee Sunday, Biden provides a statement on abortion rights

BY: - January 22, 2023

Sunday, on what was going to be the 50th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision on Jan. 22, 1973, President Joe Biden provided a statement from the White House: “Today, instead of commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade, we are acknowledging that last year, the Supreme Court took […]

Hybrid immunity: COVID vaccination, infection offers highest protection against severe disease

BY: - January 20, 2023

With omicron subvariants continuing to increase across the nation, people who are vaccinated against COVID-19 and had a previous infection have the highest level of protection against severe disease and hospitalization, according to a study by the World Health Organization. WHO officials released a report published in “The Lancet Infectious Diseases” this week, revealing that […]

Times runs short for public to weigh in on state mining permit for edge of the Okefenokee Swamp

BY: - January 20, 2023

The clock is ticking down for the public to voice its opinion on a proposed heavy metals strip mine near the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division opened up a 60-day public comment period Thursday after releasing the draft mining land use permit that would allow Alabama’s Twin Pines Minerals to dig for […]

On the abortion front: VP Kamala Harris to visit FL; GOP lawmakers could push for further bans

BY: - January 20, 2023

Amid an announcement that Vice President Kamala Harris will speak in Tallahassee on Sunday about the fight for abortion access, there’s this: House Speaker Paul Renner told reporters on Thursday that, “we have a ‘pro-life’ majority,” indicating that GOP lawmakers could easily push for further abortion bans in the 2023 legislative session. Florida now bans […]

U.S. House agriculture leaders discuss anti-hunger measures in upcoming farm bill

BY: - January 18, 2023

WASHINGTON — The new Republican chairman of the U.S. House Agriculture Committee and a top Democrat on the panel on Wednesday laid out anti-hunger initiatives Congress could tackle in the upcoming farm bill. During a panel discussion, Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson of Pennsylvania, the new head of the Agriculture Committee, said he believes members of […]

DeSantis wants to permanently ban vaccine, mask requirements for schools, businesses

BY: - January 17, 2023

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday unveiled an initiative to permanently ban mask requirements across Florida and permanently block COVID-19 vaccine requirements at schools and businesses. During a press conference in Panama City Beach, the Republican governor announced a proposal on those issues, including prohibiting employers in Florida from firing employees who aren’t vaccinated. The proposal […]

More states are doing what they can to cap insulin costs

BY: - January 17, 2023

In her early 20s, Karisa Hunt learned the hard lesson of what happens when someone rations life-preserving medication. Hunt was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a 4 year old and has been on insulin since then to help control her blood sugar levels. But while in college and feeling guilty for saddling her parents […]

Gov. DeSantis questions ‘intensive’ treatment for childhood obesity

BY: - January 12, 2023

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday made remarks about treatment options for children who are overweight or obese, saying pediatricians are “trying to monetize this issue” by using drugs and surgeries. DeSantis also attacked the federal government for its quick approval for vaccines for young children during a press conference Thursday in The Villages, in central […]