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Is Florida GOP’s tough talk on immigration a winning ticket in November?

BY: - July 6, 2018

Last Saturday in cities throughout Florida, thousands of people gathered to denounce the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy on illegal immigration which has resulted in more than 2,000 migrant children being separated from their families when attempting to cross the Mexican border into the U.S. But with the controversy exploding all over the nation, the […]

Eastpoint wildfire victims file for state aid as relief efforts continue

BY: - July 5, 2018

Residents in the wildlife-ravaged town of Eastpoint, south of Tallahassee, have filed 89 claims with the state for aid in emergency living expenses –  for up to $5,000 per household. A controlled burn by a state forestry management contractor went out of bounds two weeks ago, racing over 800 acres and destroying a big chunk […]

State Clemency Official to Black Applicant: How Many Kids Do You Have? By How Many Different Mothers?

BY: - July 5, 2018

About 1.7 million people in Florida cannot vote. Amendment 4 on the November ballot might change that. Erwin Jones, an African-American man, was standing before the governor and Cabinet on June 14 when Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis asked him how many children he had and “how many different mothers to those children?” Jones […]

Planned Parenthood opens new clinic in Florida’s state capital

BY: - July 5, 2018

The facility isn’t easy to find, and you won’t see signs on the building that have anything to do with reproductive services or really anything about health care at all. It’s intentionally nondescript, with the entrance turned away from the street for safety reasons. There’s a vestibule made from bulletproof glass. The building in Tallahassee […]

America’s offshore oil lobby is circling like sharks

BY: - July 5, 2018

In the Crazy Town political atmosphere we now inhabit, you can get whiplash trying to follow the bouncing slime balls. Or, in this case, tar balls. Because when it comes to bizarre politics, look no further than the Florida coast and the prospect of oil rigs offshore. The latest drama started at the first of […]