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NAACP and ACLU add national clout to courtroom fight against FL’s new ‘anti-riot’ law

BY: - May 11, 2021

Florida’s new anti-riot/protest law targets people of color protesting racial injustice in the United States and subjects them to harsh treatment at the hands of the police they are criticizing, asserts a major lawsuit filed in federal court on Tuesday. It is the second lawsuit filed against the “Combating Violence, Disorder, and Looting and Law […]

Amendment 4 fallout for felons: “It’s extremely disappointing. It is frustrating, and it is disheartening.”

BY: - July 2, 2019

Marquis “Marq” Mitchell, 29, says he was ecstatic when he registered to vote for the first time in his life. It was back in March, in Broward County. That was two months after Amendment 4 was making waves across Florida and the nation: The constitutional amendment passed by voters last fall had officially gone into […]