States still lag in getting assistance to struggling renters, federal data shows

BY: - July 22, 2021

WASHINGTON — State and local officials disbursed $1.5 billion in rental assistance during June—more than during the entire previous five months—to help households falling behind on rent and utilities, according to U.S. Treasury data released Wednesday. That progress in getting slow-moving federal dollars to struggling renters comes as the Biden administration and housing advocates have been scrambling […]

‘We all have to do better’: White House urges locals to boost eviction diversion programs

BY: - July 2, 2021

WASHINGTON — With a national moratorium on evictions set to expire at the end of next month and delays in federal assistance for struggling renters, the Biden administration says it wants to help state and local officials aid Americans on the brink of eviction. To that end, the administration on this week highlighted efforts in Michigan and Philadelphia […]

Biden administration extends federal eviction moratorium for one final month

BY: - June 24, 2021

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration on Thursday extended a national moratorium on evictions for another month, offering what federal officials say will be a final respite while they scramble to beef up other help for renters that could mitigate a wave of evictions once the legal protection does expire. The added month of eviction relief comes […]

First Amendment advocates decry creep toward denying public information to Floridians

BY: - March 24, 2021

The Florida First Amendment Foundation is monitoring legislation pending before the Florida Legislature that would restrict public access to official records and force social media companies to display political and other posts even if they break their terms of service. “This session, the First Amendment Foundation has noticed an effort to restrict access to court […]

U.S. Senate imposes limits on aid for state, local governments in COVID relief bill

BY: - March 4, 2021

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate voted Thursday to begin debate on President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill, after drafting a number of revisions that, among other changes, tweak the aid intended for state and local governments. The legislation approved in the House outlines $350 billion in direct aid to state, local governments, territories and […]

Feds to release $1.4 billion in rental assistance to FL households facing eviction

BY: - January 12, 2021

With evictions looming for unemployed Floridians unable to pay long overdue rent, Florida is in line to receive $1.4 billion in emergency rental assistance. Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Tuesday that $850 million, well over half, of the $1.4 billion will be administered by state government, while the other $550 million will go directly to cities […]

Housing advocates fighting evictions during COVID are eager for the new president to take office

BY: - January 12, 2021

Millions of American renters living month to month in fear of being evicted have some protection until the end of this month, but their best hope for avoiding homelessness during the pandemic is, in a word, Biden. “Biden has said, as soon as he comes on, he will enact a substantial moratorium. … We need […]

Gov. DeSantis ends his ban on COVID-related evictions, foreclosures; cites CDC moratorium

BY: - September 30, 2020

Gov. Ron DeSantis is allowing his COVID-19 moratorium on evictions and mortgage foreclosures proceedings to expire, his office announced late Wednesday. He cited a similar moratorium imposed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in early September, although housing activists worried it was subject to legal challenge. A short statement issued by the […]

At least 1 million Floridians face unpaid utility bills and power cutoffs; attorneys push for relief

BY: - September 23, 2020

Roughly 1 million Floridians have been unable to pay utility bills during COVID 19 and fear power disconnections this month that could shut down air-conditioning, lights and appliances, making homes unlivable. Earthjustice, a nonprofit environmental law organization, has petitioned Florida utility regulators to impose a 90-day moratorium on such cutoffs, saying many families will be […]

CDC bans evictions through end of 2020 to curb spread of COVID-19, but ‘it could fall apart’

BY: - September 2, 2020

The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has banned evictions and foreclosures for the rest of the year, in an order issued Tuesday citing evictions as a health hazard during the coronavirus pandemic. Lawyers for people facing evictions expressed relief Wednesday but predicted the order will be challenged in court by housing property owners. […]

With no moratorium in place for FL renters, ‘We expect a tsunami of evictions’

BY: - August 19, 2020

More than 800,000 renters in Florida are at risk of being evicted within weeks, a fallout framed by financial duress, the coronavirus crisis and little help from state and federal officials, according to lawyers and legal aid groups. With Florida’s limited state order on evictions expiring Aug. 31, those renters could be without homes if […]

FL lawmakers call on Gov. DeSantis to block evictions as rent comes due for jobless citizens

BY: - March 31, 2020

With monthly rent due on the 1st, Florida renters facing job layoffs and uncertainty about unemployment benefits don’t know if they are safe from eviction, a group of Florida lawmakers said Tuesday in an press conference webcast from their various homes. They called on Gov. Ron DeSantis to order a halt to evictions, period. A […]