Former Gov. Jeb Bush

DeSantis’ failure to seat Renatha Francis means no Black justice on the FL Supreme Court for years

BY: - September 12, 2020

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ attempt to seat a Black woman on the Florida Supreme Court who was ideologically compatible with him but who wasn’t qualified means the state is unlikely to see a Black justice for the foreseeable future. The court, in an unsigned but unanimous order, told DeSantis on Friday to review the candidates forwarded […]


In the believe-it-or-not category: Some top Republicans are supporting Dems in the 2020 presidential race

BY: - March 2, 2020

You might wonder why some of Florida’s best known Republican political consultants are way out on a limb in support of Democrats in the 2020 presidential race. It’s a long and interesting story. At its root is complete frustration with President Donald J. Trump. Two of these consultants live in Tallahassee, where they’ve made a […]

Florida wetlands

No dang wetland should ever interfere with the pursuit of profit!

BY: - February 24, 2020

OCCUPIED TALLAHASSEE — Stop worrying your pretty little head. The state of Florida knows what’s best for that ecosystem thingamajig, so sit back, relax, maybe have one of those craft beers the kids are so crazy about, and let the governor and the Legislature take care of the water. Our water. Your water. You will […]

picture of kids

Have two decades of education reform been a success or a disaster in FL?

BY: - June 20, 2019

Twenty years ago, then-Gov. Jeb Bush signed a law that launched Florida’s A+ education plan, a reform package that included giving A through F grades to Florida’s public schools. The nonprofit Foundation for Florida’s Future, founded by Bush, is now celebrating two decades of the reforms, posting accolades in a series of blogs from top […]

Florida Capitol

Conservative education group gives top grades to GOP lawmakers, but low grades to many Dems

BY: - June 4, 2019

The Foundation for Florida’s Future – a conservative education group founded by former Gov. Jeb Bush – released A through F grades for lawmakers Tuesday, with the vast majority of Republicans getting A grades, while many Democrats got Cs, Ds and Fs. The foundation’s analysis was based on how lawmakers supported or opposed key education […]

Former Gov. Jeb Bush

Republicans score victory in creating new voucher program: Dems call it unconstitutional

BY: - April 30, 2019

Twenty years ago, then Gov. Jeb Bush created a taxpayer-financed voucher program to allow kids to attend private schools with public dollars — only to see it declared unconstitutional in 2006 by the Florida Supreme Court. Tuesday, former Florida governor Bush stood in the state House chamber to witness a new and expansive voucher program […]