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FL Supreme Court continues pattern of overturning or sidestepping its precedents

BY: - December 3, 2021

The Florida Supreme Court has again overturned established constitutional law by upholding a maximum sentence imposed on a Leon County man deemed to have shown inadequate remorse because he insisted on protesting his innocence. This time, the conservative majority installed by Gov. Ron DeSantis didn’t directly overrule its own precedents — it decided they didn’t […]

FL Supreme Court blocks a second pro-pot citizens initiative from the 2022 ballot

BY: - June 17, 2021

Floridians won’t get to vote next year on whether to legalize recreational adult use of marijuana, subject to regulations like those controlling the alcohol market, because of a ruling Thursday by the Florida Supreme Court. A citizen’s initiative to allow home cultivation of pot is ineligible to appear on the 2022 ballot, the court said, […]

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Misleading or paternalistic? FL Supreme Court blocks adult-use of pot initiative

BY: - April 22, 2021

The Florida Supreme Court has blocked a proposed state constitutional amendment to allow recreational use of marijuana by adults from appearing on the ballot. Voting 5-2, the court majority concluded that the summary of the proposal that would greet voters in their polling places would be “affirmatively misleading” because it doesn’t make clear that pot […]

FL Supreme Court updates rules to make it easier for trial courts to hand down death sentences

BY: - January 14, 2021

The Florida Supreme Court has formally amended the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure to comport with its ruling in late October making it easier for trial courts to hand down death sentences. The move on Thursday enshrines the new precedent in the guide that attorneys and courts must follow in litigating murder cases. Henceforth, courts […]

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Conservative FL Supreme Court justices are making it easier for the state to put people to death

BY: - November 6, 2020

Florida’s newly conservative Supreme Court has reversed one of its own precedents in a death penalty case for the fourth time this year — the latest being a move that could speed the execution of a severely mentally ill inmate. Each time, justices appointed by Gov. Ron DeSantis have joined with other conservative justices to […]

Gov. DeSantis abused his authority on appointing a justice, FL Supreme Court says, but now what happens?

BY: - August 27, 2020

The Florida Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Gov. Ron DeSantis abused his authority in naming Renatha Francis to a vacancy on the high court because she hadn’t belonged to the Florida Bar for the constitutionally mandated 10 years. But what happens next isn’t clear. “The governor did exceed his authority in making this appointment. In […]

FL Supreme Court advisory opinion on Amendment 4 is a win for governor, GOP; voting rights advocates vow to fight on

BY: - January 16, 2020

The Florida Supreme Court sided with Gov. Ron DeSantis and legislative Republicans in an advisory opinion issued Thursday in which the court said 2018’s Amendment 4 requires ex-felons to pay any fines, fees, or restitution before they recover their right to vote. The five-member court (there are two vacancies at the moment) was unanimous on […]

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What happened to raising the minimum wage? New FL Supreme Court won’t take up the Miami Beach wage case

BY: - February 5, 2019

Asserting a pro-business bent, the newly constituted Florida Supreme Court reversed its decision from last summer and announced that it won’t consider a case by the city of Miami Beach to raise its minimum wage to $13.31 by 2021. On a 5-2 vote, the court announced Tuesday that justices would “exercise our discretion” and would […]

DeSantis tilts FL Supreme Court to the right with new justice picks

BY: - January 22, 2019

Solidifying a conservative majority, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday made his third appointment to the Florida Supreme Court, selecting a former top legal aide to Gov. Jeb Bush and Attorney General Pam Bondi. DeSantis tapped Carlos Genaro Muñiz, 49, as the third justice he has appointed since he took office earlier this month. DeSantis got […]