Feds launch civil rights investigations of 5 GOP-led states banning school mask mandates

BY: - August 30, 2021

WASHINGTON — Federal education officials have launched civil rights investigations in five Republican-led states that have prohibited school districts from mandating mask-wearing, saying those policies could amount to illegal discrimination against students with disabilities. The Biden administration notified the education chiefs in Iowa, Tennessee, South Carolina, Utah and Oklahoma of the investigations through formal letters Monday. The new investigations will examine whether “students […]

Teachers come under pressure as politicians, parents battle over ‘critical race theory’

BY: - June 14, 2021

WASHINGTON—Teachers from Tennessee to Iowa to Florida are swept up in a wave of outrage led by GOP politicians nationwide over how schools teach kids about race in U.S. history. Conservatives have pilloried much instruction about systemic racism as “critical race theory,” even when that academic term in some cases has never been mentioned. A […]

FL is suing the feds over shuttered cruise industry amid continued COVID crisis

BY: - April 8, 2021

The state of Florida filed a lawsuit Thursday against the federal government over the shuttered cruise industry, which has been closed for months during the COVID-19 pandemic and is on the “brink of financial ruin,” according to court records. The lawsuit comes at a time when the pandemic is continuing, COVID variants are spreading and […]

Dozens of GOP lawmakers to reject certifying Biden as president, including several FL lawmakers

BY: - January 5, 2021

WASHINGTON — The final step in a turmoil-filled 2020 presidential election is set for Wednesday, when Congress will certify election results showing that Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump. But a series of objections from GOP legislators is expected to stretch that routine process into a much lengthier one — and one that is dividing […]


Living in a dangerous time: We have a President willing to do anything, legal or illegal, to remain in office

BY: - January 4, 2021

His phone call to Georgia Saturday is just as blatantly a crime as it would be to start shooting. Trump once bragged he could shoot someone in the middle of Manhattan and not lose voters. Heck, Congress would probably support him. Trump made 18 attempts to talk to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger before […]

Battleground states count mail ballots, with Biden just shy of votes to clinch presidency

BY: - November 5, 2020

WASHINGTON — Two days after Election Day, the nation waited for vote-counting to finish in several critical states, where the tallying of mail ballots has left Democrat Joe Biden just short of the votes needed to become the next president. Thursday’s updated totals could push Biden beyond the 270 electoral votes needed to secure victory […]

Trump’s rhetoric on election integrity unfolds in courtrooms, tweets

BY: - October 9, 2020

See you in court! It is a threat President Donald Trump and his re-election campaign have lobbed — sometimes verbatim — at states across the country this year. Last week, the campaign threatened litigation in Pennsylvania if it wasn’t allowed to observe activity inside satellite election offices — access election lawyers say would be unprecedented, […]

Brewers Guild asks state for help, saying the industry is in jeopardy

BY: - July 24, 2020

Florida’s breweries are bearing the brunt of an executive order that prohibits on-site consumption of alcohol, and they’re urging the state to do something about it. Florida Brewers Guild, a non-profit trade organization comprised of hundreds of Florida breweries, wrote a letter this week to Gov. Ron DeSantis and Halsey Beshears, the secretary of the […]

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Virtual Alexa is moving into the college admissions world

BY: - June 19, 2019

For kids navigating the college admissions process, don’t worry about parents, test prep coordinators and guidance counselors: a robot has your back. The virtual computerized personal assistant with a female voice used by Amazon devices – the Alexa you hear on TV commercials – is moving into the college admissions world, courtesy of testing giant […]