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Gov. DeSantis reshaped Florida’s appeals courts; it seems to be working out for him

BY: - September 20, 2021

As Gov. Ron DeSantis knows, when you get into a legal beef it helps to have appointed three members of the court that will hear the appeal. And to have placed three more jurists on the court above that one. That’s the situation at Florida’s First District Court of Appeal, which sits in Tallahassee and […]

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Gov. DeSantis loses again in lawsuit over his schools mask-mandate policy

BY: - September 8, 2021

A state trial judge has cleared Florida school districts to enforce strict mask mandates for students until a state appeals court can decide whether the DeSantis administration holds authority to enforce a parental veto over masks. Leon County Circuit Judge John Cooper had ruled last month that the governor abused his authority in ordering the […]

Unfazed by continued legal battle, some school districts are standing by their strict mask mandates

BY: - September 3, 2021

Some school districts will continue to impose their strict mask mandates, even though a key court ruling has been appealed and the legal battle continues over who has control over mask-wearing at public schools — local boards or the DeSantis administration. Chris Petley, a communications staffer for the Leon County School District at the state […]


Leon School Superintendent: Education Commissioner misinterprets mask rules and would violate FL Constitution

BY: - September 2, 2021

In a strong rebuff to Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, Leon School Supt. Rocky Hanna has stated emphatically that the state’s emergency rule on masks has been misinterpreted and would violate the Florida Constitution. Leon, in Florida’s state capital and at the center of a court case on the contentious mask issue, is one of […]

Will more school districts impose mask mandates following Leon court ruling on mask policies?

BY: - August 27, 2021

A Friday court ruling vindicated the mask policies of 10 Florida school districts that have mandated masks in schools without parental opt-outs, despite state agencies forbidding them from doing so. Now, the court ruling, in a verbal format, could lead to other districts adopting similar policies because the court determined that these kinds of mask […]

DeSantis loses: Judge rules local school boards can implement mask mandates

BY: - August 27, 2021

The DeSantis administration suffered a major legal defeat Friday when a state trial judge ruled that the governor exceeded his authority in blocking school districts from enforcing face mask mandates to inhibit COVID-19 transmission for public school students and staff. Leon County Circuit Judge John Cooper enjoined  Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, the state Department of […]

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Ruling imminent on Gov. DeSantis’ policy on masks in schools and parents’ rights

BY: - August 26, 2021

The fate of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ school-masks policy is now in the hands of a trial judge who conceded Thursday that he’s struggling to reconcile the competing arguments in a lawsuit brought by parents who oppose the policy. “This issue presents a lot of sophisticated legal issues,” Leon County Circuit Judge John Cooper told attorneys […]

Judge: Lawsuit over DeSantis schools mask-policy tests uncharted legal waters

BY: - August 25, 2021

The trial pitting parents critical of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ school masking policies against the administration will extend into Friday. The attorneys presented their last witness on Wednesday, but the judge said he needs to review the evidence before hearing closing arguments. The reason, Leon County Circuit Judge John Cooper said during a Zoom hearing, is […]

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More families look to leave their current public schools due to ‘COVID harassment’; 10 districts now use strict mask mandates

BY: - August 25, 2021

Almost 70 Florida families are looking to leave their current public schools over “COVID harassment,” a new way to allow students to go elsewhere with taxpayer funded scholarships. Families can send their kids to private schools or other public schools, part of a scholarship originally intended to help victims of bullying, hazing, and other cruel […]

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DeSantis adviser takes (virtual) stand in lawsuit testing school masks policy

BY: - August 24, 2021

Lawyers for the DeSantis administration spent much of Tuesday afternoon trying to undermine the credibility of its key witness in the state court lawsuit challenging the governor’s policy against mask mandates for children in public schools. The witness is Jay Bhattacharya, a researcher specializing in the economics of medicine at Stanford University. He is not […]

Parents of disabled children: ‘We need action right now’ on mask mandates

BY: - August 23, 2021

Two Florida parents who filed a federal lawsuit against Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ban on mask mandates in public schools argued Monday that the governor’s mask-optional policies put their kids, who have serious medical conditions already, at greater risk from COVID-19. Plaintiffs’ attorney Matthew Dietz said during a Zoom news conference that “schools are obligated to […]

Trial opens in parents’ legal challenge to DeSantis ban on mask mandates in schools

BY: - August 23, 2021

A trial judge suggested Monday that there may be limits to the state law that Gov. Ron DeSantis argues justifies his insistence that parents decide whether children inside public school buildings wear masks to prevent COVID-19 transmission. That law is the Parental Bill of Rights, which places health care and other decisions about their children […]