Several school boards buck DeSantis administration and defend their own strict mask policies

BY: - September 1, 2021

Meeting a 5 p.m. deadline by the state, at least four district school boards defended their strict mask policies to the Florida Department of Education, the State Board of Education and Commissioner Richard Corcoran – even if it means losing their salaries. The local boards wrote in a letter to the state that they are […]

More school boards face pay cuts and a 5 p.m. deadline to comply with contentious FL mask policies

BY: - September 1, 2021

As tensions rise over punitive measures by the state, several school boards face a 5 p.m. deadline today to comply with state mask policies that some school boards believe are not appropriate to combat COVID-19 amid a surge in Florida. Already, two school boards, Alachua and Broward, have gotten pay cuts from the State Department […]

Not all mask mandates are equal: 10 Florida school districts have varied approaches

BY: - August 26, 2021

In a statewide conflict over school mask policies, 10 school districts are defying state orders by mandating masks for students. But not every district has the same mandates. Not all students in a district need to mask. And some grades have different rules when it comes to masking. Overall, the mask environment in Florida’s public […]

DeSantis spreads word on monoclonals; faces pushback from big school districts, cruise industry

BY: - August 26, 2021

Amid a court battle and facing pushback from the state’s largest school districts and Florida’s massive cruise industry, Gov. Ron DeSantis continues spreading the word on monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID-19 patients. The governor has been traversing the state, talking about the sites cropping up for treatments that can help prevent people from getting very […]

CDC says the vaccinated should wear masks indoors in areas with high infection rates

BY: - July 27, 2021

WASHINGTON — Federal health officials on Tuesday urged Americans in areas of the country with the highest surges in COVID-19 infections to once again wear masks when they are in public, indoor settings — even if they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. That would include Florida, according to CDC data. The updated recommendations marked a sharp shift from the […]

Teacher in her classroom

Traditional public school educators left out from DeSantis roundtable on masks at schools

BY: - July 27, 2021

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday afternoon held a roundtable discussion about masks at schools, but he didn’t invite or include traditional public school educators, even as the new public school year looms and families and educators face decisions on mask-wearing. In addition to health officials on the roundtable, the participants included two nontraditional public charter […]

CDC data: Rising COVID cases in FL top almost every state, even as vaccinations continue

BY: - July 12, 2021

While states such as Missouri have been in the news over a surge of COVID-19 cases, Florida too is seeing a spike in cases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The newest key indicators from the CDC show that Florida has the highest number of new COVID cases, 5,790, in the […]

Delta variant Q&A: How the rapidly spreading coronavirus variant might change your behavior

BY: - July 7, 2021

As the delta variant takes hold, the unvaccinated are in for a rude awakening. It’s not just ignorance — they’re begging for a Darwin Award. Unfortunately, thanks to all these unvaccinated knuckleheads, vaccinated Americans are now being put more at risk, too. The delta variant is a mutant strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Early estimates suggest the […]

School districts and families are divided: Should masks still be in place in the upcoming academic year?

BY: - April 16, 2021

Florida schoolchildren are nearing the end of an entire school year under the impacts of COVID-19, and administrators are planning for the next academic year. But what’s in store for 2021-22 could become a divisive dilemma over whether kids, teachers and staff should continue wearing masks. Already, school districts and families of schoolchildren are divided: […]

COVID’s ‘United Kingdom’ mutation has swept across the USA, with the highest number of cases in FL

BY: - April 12, 2021

The coronavirus mutation first identified in the United Kingdom has become the predominant COVID strain in the United States, with the variant detected in all 50 states, according to federal health officials.  And Florida has the most United Kingdom variant cases in the nation. The U.K. variant, also known as B.1.1.7, has caused 20,915 infections […]

CDC: It’s OK for vaccinated grandparents to visit family if no risk for severe disease

BY: - March 8, 2021

WASHINGTON — People who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can safely socialize inside with other vaccinated individuals without wearing masks or maintaining distance, federal health officials advised Monday in their first formal guidance for vaccinated Americans. Perhaps more critically at a time when more than 90% of Americans are still waiting to be fully vaccinated, the […]

More contagious COVID mutation spreads to 44 states; FL has the most cases of the strain nationwide

BY: - February 22, 2021

The COVID mutation that emerged in the United Kingdom has now spread to 44 states in the country, with Florida posting 433 cases of the strain that is more transmissible and potentially more deadly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defined the 44 figure as 42 states, Washington, D.C and Puerto Rico. Florida […]