Nikki Fried

Gov. DeSantis remains coy about any run for president

BY: - May 11, 2021

Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has been building his national profile ahead of a possible presidential campaign through appearances on national conservative media platforms, demurred Tuesday when asked about his ambitions. “Everything I’m doing is for the 2022 cycle,” when he’ll be up for reelection, the governor said when asked about his plans during a bill […]


Big Sugar burns fields, bends DeSantis and FL Legislature to do its bidding

BY: - May 6, 2021

When my kids were younger and in Boy Scouts, I enjoyed going camping with them around the state. We’d splash in the springs, paddle the rivers, tromp through the swamps. The day’s adventures would always end with a campfire – and a problem. Campfires are essential to making s’mores, but oh, that smoke! Somehow the […]

Looks like the 2022 FL governor’s race is underway: Democrat Charlie Crist throws hat in the ring

BY: - May 4, 2021

Former Gov. Charlie Crist is the first Democrat to formally announce for his party’s nomination to take on Gov. Ron DeSantis next year. Crist made the announcement on Tuesday via his Twitter feed ahead of an appearance in St. Petersburg. “Florida should be a place where hard work is rewarded, justice is equal, and opportunity […]

Florida reacts to guilty verdicts in cop killing of George Floyd

BY: - April 20, 2021

The long-awaited verdicts — guilty as charged — in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin prompted swift reaction Tuesday from around the state of Florida. But as of 9 p.m., no statements had yet been issued by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who, the day before, proudly signed a controversial anti-protest law sparked by nationwide protests […]

You’ll pay more for online purchases under legislation quietly signed by Gov. DeSantis

BY: - April 20, 2021

If you shop online, expect to pay sales taxes soon in Florida. Gov. Ron DeSantis quietly signed a law late Monday night that means Florida consumers will pay around $1 billion in online sales taxes per year. The new law (SB 50) takes effect July 1. The good news is that you no longer will […]

Gov. DeSantis declares emergency against possible spill of hundreds of millions of gallons of polluted water

BY: - April 3, 2021

Gov. Ron DeSantis has declared a state of emergency in three counties amid the threat that a phosphogypsum stack in the Tampa Bay Area could collapse and spill hundreds of millions of gallons of radioactive water into surrounding neighborhoods and the bay itself. The situation at HRK Holdings’ Eastport Terminal facility constitutes an “an immediate […]

Gov. DeSantis denies pardon for Desmond Meade but pushes through reform of FL’s clemency process

BY: - March 10, 2021

Gov. Ron DeSantis blocked a pardon on Wednesday for Desmond Meade, who led the campaign behind Florida’s voting-rights restoration ballot initiative in 2018, citing Meade’s dishonorable discharge from the military. However, the governor suggested Meade could qualify for restoration of his civil rights, including the right to serve on juries and hold public office, under […]

With the help of connections, several FL groups appear to get special treatment in securing vaccine doses

BY: - February 17, 2021

As Florida residents rush to try to get vaccines, some well-connected political and business figures are securing front-of-the-line doses for their communities, raising questions about what appears to be special treatment. A fresh example cropped up on Wednesday, when Gov. Ron DeSantis appeared in Manatee County to open a vaccine “point of distribution,” or pod, […]

Gov. DeSantis defends his COVID vaccine strategy as Biden administration takes on pandemic

BY: - January 26, 2021

Gov. Ron DeSantis faces a difficult period of adjustment to the new administration in Washington, particularly regarding priorities for administering the COVID-19 vaccines. Or, perhaps, President Joe Biden’s team is having trouble adjusting to him. During a news conference in Vero Beach Tuesday, the Republican governor, who’d been one of the strongest backers of Donald […]

FL Republicans condemn D.C. mob, but not the president who inspired assault on U.S. Capitol

BY: - January 6, 2021

Florida political leaders of all stripes condemned Wednesday’s invasion of the U.S. Capitol by President Trump’s supporters, but top Republicans had nothing to say about Trump’s role in inciting the violence. Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Trump ally, issued a written statement. “Violence or rioting of any kind is unacceptable and the perpetrators must face the […]

FL Gov. DeSantis refuses to congratulate President-elect Biden

BY: - December 15, 2020

The day after the Electoral College voted to make Joe Biden the president-elect, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday declined to congratulate the Democrat who defeated his political patron, Donald Trump. Asked by a reporter whether he recognizes Biden as the next president, DeSantis held up both of his hands and said, “It’s not for me […]

Governor, Cabinet turn to state government veteran to run important administrative law agency

BY: - December 15, 2020

Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Cabinet have hired veteran Tallahassee insider Pete Antonacci to supervise a cadre of administration law judges who decide disputes ranging from day-care licenses to workers’ comp appeals to multi-million-dollar state contracts. Nikki Fried, the Democratic commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, cast the lone dissent after DeSantis moved to […]