Floridians respond to the survival of “Obamacare”

BY: and - June 17, 2021

Millions of Floridians and other Americans concerned about losing their health care can breathe easier today. As the Associated Press writes: “The Supreme Court dismissed a major challenge to the Obama era health care law on Thursday, turning aside an effort by Republican-led states to throw out the law that provides insurance coverage for millions […]

Manny Diaz, Jr.

GOP lawmaker wants to change FL Constitution; warns of Biden “taking control” of Floridians’ health care

BY: - February 4, 2021

At a time when the Biden administration is pushing to expand and access health care for Americans, a GOP lawmaker in Florida is pushing for a Constitutional amendment to make sure constituents can keep their health care plans. The amendment would require a supermajority vote before a so-called single-payer health care system could be enacted, […]

Trump loyalist Perdue fights for not just his seat but the future of the GOP

BY: - December 22, 2020

WASHINGTON—Sen. David Perdue during his six years in Congress served as a close ally of President Donald Trump. But with Trump in defeat, it now falls to the senior Georgia senator to preserve not just his own seat in January’s runoff election but also control of the U.S. Senate as the GOP’s last bastion in […]

U.S. Supreme Court justices may pave the way to uphold Obamacare; Biden says ACA ‘affects every single American family’

BY: - November 10, 2020

In oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday, at least two justices — Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh — appeared optimistic regarding the survival of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) signed by former President Barack Obama in 2010. “This is a very straightforward case…meaning that we would excise […]

Report: Trump campaign sues to block certification of Pennsylvania election results

BY: - November 10, 2020

From our affiliate media outlet in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Capital-Star: President Donald Trump’s campaign has sued to stop the certification of election results in Pennsylvania, part of a coordinated legal blitz to push the fight over the 2020 election to the U.S. Supreme Court. Trump’s campaign filed a lawsuit in federal court on Monday, the […]

Health care battle in high court: FL Attorney General Ashley Moody sides with dismantling Obamacare

BY: - November 10, 2020

The fate of affordable health care is front and center Tuesday, as Florida and other Republican-led states are battling in court to dismantle the Affordable Care Act that has provided health insurance for millions of Americans, even as the COVID-19 pandemic was raging. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case called […]

Biden holds narrow lead over Trump among Latino voters in FL, but Cuban-American voters favor the president

BY: - October 29, 2020

As the general election draws near, Latino voters in Florida slightly favor former vice president Joe Biden over President Donald Trump, according to a state poll released Thursday. Biden holds only a slight lead among Hispanic voters in the battleground state, with 48 percent saying they’d vote for Biden compared to 43 percent voting for […]

American Bar Association calls Barrett “well-qualified” but witness testimonies highlight what’s at stake

BY: - October 15, 2020

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is “well-qualified” to serve as justice in the highest court in the land, according to members of the American Bar Association — but witnesses at her hearing weren’t always convinced. After three days of often grueling testimony by senators on the U.S. Committee on the Judiciary, Thursday’s confirmation […]

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Barrett avoids specific questions on abortion and other contentious issues

BY: - October 13, 2020

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett dodged detailed questions on landmark abortion cases that ensure women can have access to abortions. In what was an expected line of questioning on the second day of her confirmation hearing before the U.S. Committee on the Judiciary, Barrett said she has not made any commitment on how […]

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Analysis: Health coverage for 23 million at stake as Trump fights to repeal Obamacare

BY: - June 24, 2020

More than 23 million Americans, including close to 2 million Floridians, would lose their health coverage in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic if the Trump administration prevails in court against the Affordable Care Act, a new analysis says. The Trump Administration is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to repeal the ACA, implemented during the […]

As coronavirus crisis grows, FL Democrats slam Republicans for trying to repeal Obamacare

BY: - March 24, 2020

Ten years ago, the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, launched a landmark effort at overhauling America’s health care system. The legislation led to praise, criticism, lawsuits, and political debates, and is expected to be a major campaign issue in the 2020 presidential election. The 10-year anniversary comes as COVID-19 infections and deaths have expanded […]

Effort to overturn Obamacare could have widespread impact on health coverage in Florida

BY: - July 11, 2019

More than 1.5 million Floridians could lose their health insurance coverage if Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and the Trump administration are successful in repealing the federal Affordable Care Act. It’s troubling news for those who want to keep what’s commonly known as Obamacare, which includes everything from coverage for pre-existing medical conditions to letting […]